Celestino 3

3 containers
5 inch touchscreen

Deze volautomaat is voorzien van 3 product containers, 2,5 liter boiler, gescheiden heet water uitgifte voor thee en een 2500 Watt verwarmingselement. De bediening van de machine gebeurt via een 5 inch interactief aanraakscherm met maximaal 9 drank keuzes.




​When there is no permanent water connection you can use the EVLWAS pump set to fill your coffee machine with water. You do not have to change anything to your machine only connect the water hose to the controller. The EVLWAS pump set consists of a soft start pump controller developed by Elproma, a self- priming submersible pump, 1.5 meters long mains cable 230 Vac., 8 mm water hose (1 and 2 meter) a 3/4 BSP water connector anda 25 liter Jerry can.


Place the pump in a Jerry can with a minimum neck opening of 55 mm, supplied in the set. Connect the pump power cord and water hose to the corresponding connectors of the Elproma pump controller. Next, connect the water hose between the pump controller’s water outlet connector located on the side of the housing and your machine’s water inlet valve. The EVLWAS pump set is now ready for use.


  • Soft start Controller mains voltage: 110 Vac/230 Vac 1 / 2 Amp

  • Pump service life: 400 hours = approx. 120.000 consumptions a 150 ml

  • Accumulated water pressure: 1.5 bar

Accessory: remote control cable to operate the EVLWAS without connected
coffee machine.


​To prevent water damage the best option is to use a water-lock. The water-sensor is placed near the machine, when a leak is detected the water-lock automatically shuts of the water supply.


  • Dimensions lxwxh: 72 x 56 x 37 mm

  • Electrical connection: 9V Alkaline block battery

  • Battery life: 1 ~ 1.5 year

  • Cable length: 140 cm

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