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Founded in 1975 in Driebergen as a trading company in electromechanical components, Elproma started selling components from leading firms such as C&K switches, Corcom rfi filters, as well as Lorlin switches from the UK. In the early 80's a start was made with the development and production of data-switches for the computer industry.


The demand for these products was so high that the existing building became too small and a new factory, equipped with EMC room, wave solder machine and various other manufacturing equipment, was built to be able to produce these products. The new building at Nijendal 42 was officially opened on May 27th. 1988.In addition to the production and sales of Elproma equipment a start was made in offering developing and production capabilities to the Elproma customers. New smaller products were required and the production department was extended with TWS surface mount equipment. Modems, temperature controllers, ionizer, air conditioning controls and follow-me light controllers were developed and manufactured. In the inhouse EMC room customers can perform their own CE pre-compliance test making use of the Elproma test equipment and its expertise.


In 1995 Elproma started developing control electronics for companies selling coffee machines. This was the first contact with the coffee industry. After having supplied thousands of control boards to famous brands Elproma started in 2012 to develop its own line of coffee machines. The Celestino instant coffee machine line was introduced on the trade fair Euvend & Coffeena in Cologne on September 2013. These Celestino coffee machines are equipped with hardware and software developedby Elproma and are fully assembled in Driebergen. Today the Elproma Celestino line consists of instant, soup, espresso and fresh-brew models. All machines can be customised upon customer request.

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